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Important Information for Financial Members:

Holiday Explorers Inc: Amendment of Constitution Resolution

It is NOTED that an explanation of the changes proposed to the Constitution are available for viewing on this website with the proposed amended Constitution available for Members to view on request.

It is RESOLVED that the Constitution of the Association be amended by replacing the existing Constitution with the amended Constitution as tabled at the 2020 AGM and initialled for the purposes of identification by the Chair of the Meeting.

Click here to read the Amendment to the Holiday Explorers Constitution.

Join Holiday Explorers

Holiday Explorers has two membership types:

1.  Tourist Member

For the person who goes on the holiday.

Fee: $15 per financial year

To be eligible as a Tourist Member, the person:

To promote empowerment, the person with intellectual disability registers with Holiday Explorers as a member.

Our clients include the person with a disability (the tourist), their carer (for respite) and where applicable, the tourist’s supporting agency (for value adding), all of whom seek to benefit from engaging Holiday Explorers.

2.  Organisation / Associate Member

For interested persons/organisations.

Fee: $25 per financial year

Any persons or organisations may be considered for Organisation / Associate Membership. Unfortunately these members do not get to go on the holidays! Agencies providing accommodation support for Tourist Members must be registered as Organisation Members. All members are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting, organisations holding Organisation / Associate Membership are entitled to one vote. All members receive by mail a copy of our holiday magazine, Holidaytime which is distributed three times per year and lists the upcoming holidays.

Membership renewals are due by the 1st July each year. Membership Renewal Forms are sent to all current members. Any memberships not renewed by the due date are cancelled. To rejoin (if eligible) the New Tourist Member Membership criteria & application process will apply.

3 easy steps to become a Tourist Member

Contact the Client Coordinator to check eligibility and arrange a meeting time. Call (08) 8331 2399 or email us.

The Tourist and a family member/carer attend the meeting to discuss the Tourist’s interests and support needs. This information ensures support staff can maintain the Tourist’s safety, well being and happiness while on holiday.

During the meeting we explain the Conditions of Travel (including confidentiality and privacy requirements), complete all Membership and Carer forms and provide more information about the service.

Once you’ve joined, you’ll receive the next issue of Holidaytime
and a Booking Form to book your holiday.

Other Information and Support

Confidentiality & Privacy

Holiday Explorers has a legal obligation to respect the privacy of its staff, volunteers, Tourist Members and Associate / Organisational Members. All information collected is respectfully handled and kept in the strictest confidence (in accordance with the Federal Privacy Act 1988).

The Executive Officer is the HX Privacy Officer, who can be contacted if you have any questions or concerns.


All Tourists, parents and carers have a right to an advocate to assist them at any stage. Information about local advocacy services as well as information about how to raise concerns or make a complaint is sent to all members. This information can be requested from the office at any time. The Disability Advocacy & Complaints Service of SA may also be contacted, Ph: 8234 5699 or

Concerns and Complaints

If you are not happy or have concerns about the services you have received from Holiday Explorers, it is important that you tell us.  It is only when we know that something is wrong that we can take action to correct it.  You may direct your concern/s to our Executive Officer, Lisa Albinus.  If you would like to make a formal complaint please provide this in writing, addressed to ‘Chairperson, John Miller’, and send to Holiday Explorers.

A copy of our Concerns and Complaints Policy will be provided to all new members at the time of joining and may be requested at any time. Whatever your grievance, please be assured that we are available to talk to you.

Disability Advocacy and Complaints Service of SA (Ph 7122 6030) or the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner (Ph 8226 8666 or 1800 232 007) can provide assistance if you need help to raise your concerns.

Concerns about NDIS Services can be made to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (Ph 1800 035 544)

The Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner may also be contacted, Ph: 8226 8666 or

Please contact the Service Delivery Manager if clarification or assistance is required with any of the above information, Ph: 8331 2399 or email us.