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Congratulations Katie!

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Katie Sarah has volunteered her time as a Holiday Explorers Board Member and Vice Chairperson since 2014. Like so many Holiday Explorers ‘Tourists’ who challenge themselves by trying something new and going away without familiar family and carers on a holiday adventure, Katie has challenged herself in her mountaineering endeavours; conquering the incredible 7-7 (climbing the 7 highest mountains and the 7 highest volcanoes).  Now having skied to the South Pole, and scheduled to complete her next expedition to the North Pole in 2019, Katie will become one of only four people, and the only female to complete what is known in mountaineering as the Grand Slam.

In addition to her role on the Holiday Explorers Board and mountaineering achievements, Katie is also a mother to three boys, operates a global adventure tourism business and carries out other volunteer roles for South Australian charities.

We are grateful for the time and expertise that Katie brings to her role at Holiday Explorers and know that she understands the strength needed to set goals and the perseverance, resilience and open-mindedness required to achieve them to best of her ability.

When asked about Holiday Explorers, Katie said;

“I have had the privilege of being on the Board of Holiday Explorers for 5 years. From the very beginning of my association, I have been overawed by every level of operation of this wonderful organisation. From the involvement and commitment of the Directors on our Board, to the brilliant staff and amazing volunteers that make our brilliant holidays happen, to our wonderful tourists who participate with such joy in all the trips we offer. Holiday Explorers is a truly excellent organisation, and I find it so rewarding to be a small part of it.

I cannot express strongly enough how much I enjoy my association with this organisation and encourage anyone who can to consider volunteering, as the rewards are priceless. “

Congratulations to Katie!