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Will you buy a lucky ticket?

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People’s Choice Community Lottery

Holiday Explorers is selling $2 tickets in the People’s Choice Community Lottery for 2020.
COVID-19 has presented so many changes and challenges to the way we do things in 2020 and for many people this has led to unsettling changes to routine and connection with friends and family. While travel has been greatly affected and restricted, Holiday Explorers has been looking for creative new ways to ensure our Tourists, Carers and broader community stay connected.
100% of all proceeds from ticket sales for the Lottery made through our specific link will benefit Holiday Explorers. We have set a goal of $1,000 with money raised going towards the purchase of LEGO and art supplies which can be used for inhouse Tourist groups to come together for friendship and creative endeavors.

There are 69 amazing prizes up for grabs this year!

Click here to see the full list of prizes

ALL TICKETS are sold online in this year’s lottery. It’s easy and can happen from your own home. The Lottery closes on Friday 19th February 2021, with prizes drawn on Friday 26th February 2021.
Please share the link with family and friends. A reminder that only tickets purchased through the specific HX link below will benefit Holiday Explorers. Thank you for your support. Good luck!

Click here to purchase your $2 tickets